Creating heartfelt films that celebrate the beauty of our world

"Thank you for all of your hard work on this project and for producing truly exceptional videos."

-City of St. Albert Representative - "The Healing Garden"

"The video on The Healing Garden was just stunning. Congratulations on such beautiful work. I just loved it"

-City of St. Albert, Cultural Services Representitive - "The Healing Garden"

"This is Fantastic!!!! Your did an amazing job! Thank you so much for all your hard work. My heart is so warm right now. I really love how the concept came together."

- Rubber Trees 



We create heartfelt films that celebrate the beauty of our world

Our goal is to find your authenticity and share it. 

You know the feeling when you catch a whiff of a smell from your past, and it instantly takes you there?


  How you can be transported back to the freshly cut lawn of your childhood home, or the memory of peeking outside the tent to look at the stars on a clear summer night?


You can smell the wisps of smoke from the campfire nearby and almost even hear the pitter patter of rain gently rolling off the trees. 

These beautiful moments transport us and help us to make sense of the world.  

We want every one of our films to be a similar experience. To use this power of feeling and emotion to make a connection with your audience, and celebrate what makes you, you.  

Holly Mazur is a born and raised Edmonton filmmaker.  Holly's passion is in creating documentary and commercial films for her production company. 

She also is an experienced teacher in the film industry.  Through education Holly aims to share her passion and love for film, and help empower others with how to tell their own stories. 


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Every story starts somewhere :)

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