Creating films that captivate and inspire your audience.

You know the feeling when you catch a whiff of a smell from your past, and it instantly takes you there?


  How you can be transported back to the freshly cut lawn of your childhood home, or the memory of peeking outside the tent to look at the stars on a clear summer night?

You can smell the wisps of smoke from the campfire nearby and almost even hear the pitter patter of rain gently rolling off the trees. 

These beautiful moments transport us and help us to make sense of the world.  

We want every one of our films to be a similar experience. To use this power of feeling, emotion, and sound of a moment to make a connection with your audience.  



Holly Mazur Productions creates meaningful films for passionate and authentic brands and businesses. Our films are created to inspire an audience and creating genuine and meaningful connection. Holly Mazur Productions works as a small, intentional production team led by Holly Mazur and her partner, Myles Belland. 

Holly's passion for appreciating the beauty of a moment stems from a little challenge she made for herself as a kid. Walking home from elementary school she always tried to find one uniquely beautiful moment each day. Maybe it would be the ripples in a puddle, or the way the sun glistened off a rooftop.


As she grew up, what started as an amusing little challenge, grew into a practice of appreciating the details around her. Holly now channels this perspective in her films, leading productions that help businesses and brands meaningfully connect with their audiences by capturing the feelings and emotions of a moment. 

Holly is an experienced teacher in the film community, leading introductory film courses at the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA), as well as being a mentor with organizations: Amplify, Girls in Film and Television (GIFT), and Justice 4 Reel. 


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Every story starts somewhere :)

 COVID 19 Safety Policies 

Updated as of February 5th, 2021

As we work through this unprecedented time, we want to assure our clients that we will be taking the utmost precautions to keep our clients, our crew, and anyone involved in any of our production as safe as possible. Safety is our number one priority, and the health of our people will always be put first.


At this time, we will only be accepting projects that can be completed in sufficiently safe manner. We will also be implementing several new policies in order to ensure all of our safety:

  • Crew members must wear face masks at all times.

  • Crew members must maintain 6 feet from anyone else.

  • Cinematographers may modify shooting styles to ensure 6 feet of distance is maintained (for example, filming with longer lenses).

  • In addition to the above policies, we will be closely monitoring and following all recommended public health guidelines, which includes limiting our crew size, filming outdoors when possible, or postponing production as necessary. 


We appreciate your patience and cooperation with us as we navigate these uncharted waters and wish you a safe and healthy 2021!

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