Socail Story Videos

Socail story (or sensory story) videos create an auditory as well as visual experience for individuals, helping to guide them through a new space, or event in advance of attending. Viewers will watch a realistic experience of what being in each space will look like. Unlike photographs or text, it is the closest thing to being in the space, where a person can observe the movement, multi-directional space and sounds of the area. 

Case Study:International Children's Festival of the Art's- Sensory Story 

This video, created for the City of St. Albert's International Chˆ¬dren's Festival of the Arts takes us through the main festival events through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy. In this video, he tells us about his expereinces, and tells kids who are new to the festival tips he has learned in order to emjoy the day. This video offers a kid-focused, friendly approach to participating in the festival, as well as pointing out useful tips such as where to find the Sensory rooms, what events might be loud, or dark. 

"Holly's video will be invaluable to other children. I wish my son had this going to the festival. it would have helped him out so much." 

- Kristi-Mom of Nathan (featured in video)

"Holly's sensory story video has be a fantastic resource for families and children at the International Children's Festival of the Arts in St. Albert. We feel that we are offering kids a realistic videw into the festival, leting them not just see, but hear, what to expect." 

- Festival Coordinator, City of St. Albert

About Holly Mazur Productions

Holly Mazur prodcutions has been connecting and creating films with clients fo over 5 years. Specializing in story-driven content and documentary work, we strive to create unique, creative films aimed to help each client. ​

 COVID 19 Safety Policies 

Updated as of February 5th, 2021

As we work through this unprecedented time, we want to assure our clients that we will be taking the utmost precautions to keep our clients, our crew, and anyone involved in any of our production as safe as possible. Safety is our number one priority, and the health of our people will always be put first.


At this time, we will only be accepting projects that can be completed in sufficiently safe manner. We will also be implementing several new policies in order to ensure all of our safety:

  • Crew members must wear face masks at all times.

  • Crew members must maintain 6 feet from anyone else.

  • Cinematographers may modify shooting styles to ensure 6 feet of distance is maintained (for example, filming with longer lenses).

  • In addition to the above policies, we will be closely monitoring and following all recommended public health guidelines, which includes limiting our crew size, filming outdoors when possible, or postponing production as necessary. 


We appreciate your patience and cooperation with us as we navigate these uncharted waters and wish you a safe and healthy 2021!

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