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Amplify Festival 2017

Take a look at some of the incredible creativity coming from the youth in St. Albert. It's always such a pleasure helping to bring these artists creativity to life. This year's Amplify festival paired me up with 3 musicians and 2 poets, and 5 video directors (please see the credits below). As always, I had a blast helping to create these videos and working with these awesomely talented people!

Each St. Albert Amplify Festival video is a collaborative effort between a youth artist and a young filmmaker, guided by myself and supported by the St. Albert Amplify Festival, St. Albert Live and the City of St. Albert's Cultural Services Department.

"Sanctuary" by Julia Sorensen Directed and Edited by Adrianna Rangeloff

"I Don't Trust Myself" (Cover) by Evan Salcedo

Directed and Edited by Samuel Spencer

"I Won't Forget Your Name" by Andrea Shipka Written by Andrea Shipka and Claire Davidson Directed and Edited by Amy Xu

"Flowers At My Funeral" by Kiara Roberts Directed and Edited by Ethan Schlese

"A Regular Occurrence" by Celine Caruso Directed and Edited by Dana Koroluk

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