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Amplify Festival 2018

Another year of the Amplify Festival has come and gone. I'm really proud of the videos that we came up with this year. As every year, I am always blown away by the talent coming from the youth in St. Albert. There's a really awesome creative spirit happening there, and the Amplify Festival is such a cool way of bringing all those creative vibes together.

Take a gander at the videos from this year, you won't be disappointed!

"The Night the Lights Went Out" by The Sunday Edition Directed and Edited by Dana Koroluk

"Libra Season" by Tami and Tahra Directed and Edited by Émilie Maurice

"Moments" by Amy Polczer Directed and Edited by Erik Archimowitz

"Yellow Cabs" by Amanda Penner Directed and Edited by Sam Spencer

"Near Death Experiences and the Inspiration That Comes From Them" by Emily de Champlain and Ari Zak Directed and Edited by Adrianna Rangeloff

*Each video is created for a youth artist(s) (poet or musician/band), with the video directed by a youth filmmaker. My role in these videos is offering mentorship and guidance for the filming and editing of these videos, by guiding the youth director. These videos are made as part of the St. Albert Amplify festival.

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